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SEMISA is a company dedicated to supply the needs of Medical and Industrial Equipment to all the companies in Costa Rica, specially those that works in the health sector.


To keep the comercial exchange between the international suppliers and Costa Rica, offering our customers the latest technology solutions and first rate service for the exigencies of the market and integrating highly competitive costs.


Work hard every day to keep our leadership as an Technical service company and a supplier of medical equipment minimizing the gap between advanced technology and our markets.


SEMISA is a Costa Rican society, registered in the Public Registry, Commercial Section, Volume 548, Folio 44, Seat 52, with Decree Law N º. 3-101-094918-05, Representative Licence No. 140 Foreign Firms MEIC, residing in Cartago, 7th Avenue lane 1 and 2.

It was founded on May 30, 1988, with the primary purpose of selling the preventive maintenance and corrective medical and surgical and lab equipment, and laboratory and equipment for pharmaceutical and food industries.

The "SEMISA" staff is consists of a Clinical Engineering, two graduated Technicians in Medical Equipment Mantainance, a medical team, administrative staff, accountant and a secretary as well as a permanent advisor.

The company has specialized in the preventive and corrective mantainance of electric photometers, centrifuges, laboratory bath, bacteriological incubators, laboratory furnace and lab equipment, electrosurgery, tables for surgery and childbirth, surgery lamps, sterilizers, ultrasonic aspirators, convulsive therapy equipment, ph meters, blood gas meters, cell counter, fetal monitors and more.

In 1989, we iniciated our participation in tenders held by the Social Security of Costa Rica (CCSS), for the procurement of maintenance services. As a result we signed with the CCSS many cintracts of preventive and corrective maintenance of medical and lab equipment.



After several years of selling services and equipment to the CCSS, to other public institutions and the private sector, we can proudly state that we have high prestige with our clients, all that due to our responsability, quality, service and products offered.

The rates of bidding awards in technical service, are prove of our ability and quality, also the knowledge of the institutional buying system, always supported by quality products.



For the interaction of our clients and the need of to import spare parts for the equipment, the company refocused its goals to the international market. Hence, the service department, began to search and select manufacturers and spare parts and hospital suppliers.

In 1992 started the first relations with many overseas companies. SEMISA began to offer medical equipment spare parts to sell and import. In short terms SEMISA contacted a lot of distributors of medical equipment spare parts in the international market of manufacturers and exporters. Our goal now is to find medical equipment factories who wish to be represented in our country to promote their products and in Central America at medical equipment sales.

SEMISA works along with the manufacturer to guarantee our potencial buyers, the after sales service, to keep the good name of the brand and preference for the products.

SEMISA, is a company that is looking forward to explore other lines of merchandise, that's why we are always open to new sales and business opportunities, that is why we add to our portfolio of representations, equipment from the CE and China. We are currently moving into the Nicaraguan market, so we can begin operations there.